Articles written by AccessibilityOz staff

General web accessibility

What’s wrong with having a separate site for people with disabilities (2018)

US Department of Transport Rule for Web Accessibility in Air Travel (2015)

Screen reader accessibility

“Meet our team” or “Go to event” – a problem with headings (2020)

HTML5 sectioning elements and screen readers (2020)

Accessibility issues with Firefox Quantum and screen readers (2018)

Accessibility during the build of a web site

Prioritising web accessibility during the build of a web site (2014)

Design and accessibility

Design and accessibility: Use of colour (2014)


CAPTCHA: Inaccessible to Everyone (2013)

CAPTCHA: How to do it right (ie. don’t use CAPTCHA!) (2014)


Making sure Alternative Text isn’t an afterthought – PEATworks (2016)

Accessibility Principles for Images – PEATworks (2016)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: The Wonderful World of ALT Attributes (2012)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: When Not to Use ALT Attributes (2011)

Interactive maps and accessibility

Did someone say map? Making interactive maps accessible (2014)


Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules For Developers (2014)

Mobile accessibility

Mobile accessibility fails: Do we need a WCAG3? (2015)


The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Slideshows (2015)

Social media accessibility

Overview of social media accessibility (2019)

Social media accessibility features (2020)

Social Media Accessibility: Turning Off Autoplay (2020)

Social media screen reader accessibility compliance testing (2019)

Social media and alternative text features by a blind person (2019)

Tables and forms

Table Accessibility Principles – PEATworks (2016)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: Information Relationships (2011)


The importance of captioning (2020)

Video Player testing results article and matrix (2018)

Video Accessibility Principles – PEATworks (2016)

8 steps to Creating Accessible Video (2014)


How to read a VPAT (2019)


We should be celebrating our victories (2014)

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: An Introduction (2011)