WCAG2 for web developers


Length:Full day
Aimed at: Web developers, Programmers


This course discusses accessibility basics and then covers WCAG2 success criteria, providing correct examples and specific development techniques.

AccessibilityOz training is unique in that we train developers by category (such as forms) instead of focusing on relevant success criteria. This takes a lot of the complexity out of WCAG2 and provides trainees with immediately usable techniques, code and examples.

Training includes issues such as:

  • Use of style sheets and hidden structural labels for navigation
  • Proper coding of data tables using TH ID, TD HEADERS, SUMMARY and CAPTION
  • Proper coding of fields using LABEL FOR and ID
  • Proper layout and coding of fields and field labels
  • Meaningful sequence and context change errors
  • Use of colour, sensory characteristics and location errors
  • Proper use of keyboard for forms and navigation
Several exercises are conducted throughout the course, allowing for participant engagement and furthering understanding. These exercises include:
  • Writing ALT attributes
  • Coding complex data tables
  • Identifying inaccessible keyboard sites
  • Identifying forms with incorrect coding


Each participant will receive a copy of the training slides and the following AccessibilityOz factsheets:
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Source Order
  • Keyboard
  • Coding
Participants will also receive six months’ access to OzWiki.

What you should bring

No requirements.


No pre-requisites.

This course is available as part of Accessibility Day or customised to your organisation. See our trainee testimonials.