Video transcripts, captions and audio descriptions


Length:Full day
Aimed at: Content authors


This one day course will guide you in the presentation of accessible audio video media and the creation of an accessible transcript, captions and audio descriptions.

The accessibility issues surrounding audio and video media will initially be explored with an Introduction to Accessibility Basics session at the start of the day. Creation of accessible transcripts, captions and audio descriptions will then be covered with time at the end of the day to work on your own video content with the experts on hand for questions.

Transcripts: The course covers issues such as providing adequate speech and visual descriptions in your transcript together with best practice and structural presentation of transcripts in accessible Word format.

Captions: The accessible transcript you create will then be used as a basis for development of appropriate captioning for your video media. The captioning session will ensure that your captions are accurate and descriptive, and that all important information is represented.

Audio descriptions: The final session of the day will look at audio descriptions. These are best done when creating a video as an alternative to the original video –unfortunately, this is not often the case and audio descriptions have to be added after. The course covers how to insert audio descriptions, as well as what content should and shouldn’t be included in an audio description.

At the end of the day attendees who have brought their own video and transcript will have time to work on their own video transcript, captions and audio descriptions with accessibility experts on hand to guide and advise on the process.


Each participant will receive a copy of the training slides, a training manual, a copy of the AccessibilityOz Video Factsheet and six months’ access to OzWiki.

What you should bring

Optional: Each person should bring along one video file (less than 5 minutes long) with a transcript in Word format.


No pre-requisites.
This course is available online, as part of Accessibility Day or customised to your organisation. See our trainee testimonials.