Tagging PDFs for accessibility

Welcome to AccessibilityOz’s online creating accessible Word training. The training is broken up into four sections – overview, content, formatting and layout and complex content. The content, formatting and layout and complex content pages contain video walkthroughs of how to create each Word feature accessible. These sections also contain an HTML alternative of their related parts from the step-by-step manual. A full Word version of the Accessible Word training manual can be downloaded from the Overview page which contains every section as well as appendices.

This Word is specifically created for creating accessible downloadable documents. Word can either be used as an alternative to PDF or be the only format provided. We recommend if creating PDFs, to complete the Word training as an accessible Word document gives you a great start to tagging your PDF.

How to complete the training

Start on the overview page to get some general information about Word document accessibility. At the end of the overview page, you will find the link to start the tcontent, formatting and layout and complex content training. To move through the training, you must first complete the Quiz for that section. Once completed, a link for the next section is provided. The Quiz can be found at the end of each main section page.

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