How to add images

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Add alternative text to images

  1. Right click the picture.

Word with an image in the content which has been right selected to show the image options. The last option in the list - Format picture - has been circled.
Figure 24: Right click the picture
  1. Select the ‘Format picture’ option. A dialog box opens.
  2. Select the ‘Alt Text’ tab.
  3. Add the alternative text to the ‘Description’ field only; the title is not required. ‘Figure’ text can be added above or below the image and should be different to the ALT.

The format picture dialog box with the last tab selected - Alt Text. There is a indicator pointing at the Description box under the Title field to show this is where the alternative text is added.
Figure 25: Format picture dialog box

Modify the text wrapping

All text wrapping must be set to ‘Top and Bottom’ or ‘In Line With Text’

  1. Select the image and right-click
  2. Choose the ‘Wrap Text’ option
  3. Select ‘Top and Bottom’ or ‘In Line With Text’ as required.

The wrap text options with the Top and Bottom option selected.
Figure 26: Wrap Text options