Managing accessibility testing


Length:Full day
Aimed at:
Managers, Testers, Developers


  • Get an introduction to the broad range of testing tools and methods that are currently used in the field.
  • Through hands-on use, learn about a wide range of testing tools, and get interactive demos of common automated accessibility testing tools.
  • Apply testing methods in practice, with scope analysis, and establishing representative test samples.


The full day advanced testing session covers a wide range of advanced testing topics:

  • Overview of testing
  • In-depth discussion
  • Hands on exercises
  • Developing a scope analysis
  • Developing audit plan
  • Testing tool demonstrations (Deque’s Worldspace, Level Access’ AMP, SiteImprove, and OzART)
  • One-page testing tools (WebAIM’s WAVE)
  • Manual testing tools
  • Readability tools


Each attendee will be provided with the PowerPoint slides and links to articles.

What you should bring



No pre-requisites.

This course is available online, as part of Accessibility Day or customised to your organisation. See our trainee testimonials, Online Training, Accessibility Day, Customised to your organisation.