HTML5, Forms and JavaScript


Length: Half day
Aimed at: Web developers, Programmers
Presenter: Gian Wild


This one day course will inform and instruct you on how to use HTML5, code forms correctly and create accessible JavaScript features such as slideshows, tabbed displays, image galleries and navigation. The course will cover the new elements and attributes in HTML5 and how to use them. Then ten accessibility principles will be discussed including:
  • Non-text content which has no text-equivalent.
  • Functionality which is not operable with the keyboard.
  • Information which can’t be programmatically determined.
  • Timed activity which can’t be controlled.
  • Failing to maintain a logical focus order.
  • Interactive content that can’t be used without JavaScript, which is present without it.
Following this, forms and the various accessibility requirements will be covered in-depth, including code examples. The rest of the day will be spent on JavaScript functionality and how to make it accessible.


Each participant will receive a copy of the training slides and the following AccessibilityOz factsheets:
  • HTML5
  • Forms
  • JavaScript
  • Interactive maps

What you should bring

No requirements.


WCAG2 for Developers