Creating accessible electronic publications (EPUB)


Length:One day
Aimed at:Content authors and publishers of online documents
Presenter:Gian Wild or Charlotte Brentnall


One day will be spent learning how to create accessible electronic publications (EPUB) via two different methods:
  1. EPUB created from accessible Word documents; and
  2. EPUB created from InDesign.

EPUB created from accessible Word

Training will cover how a Word document should be created in order to develop an EPUB. Also covered is how to convert the Word document into HTML for the conversion to EPUB process.

EPUB created from InDesign

Training will cover how to style and tag the InDesign document with headings, alt text for images etc. in order to create an accessible EPUB.

Ensuring the EPUB is accessible

We step through how to manually fix the EPUB if needed once it has been converted (from either Word or InDesign) using the Calibre e-book management software.On completion of creating an accessible EPUB, we also go through how to test to ensure it is accessible and how to correct any remaining issues.


Each person will receive a training manual.


The training requires:
  • Data projector
  • Internet access
  • InDesign
  • Word
  • Calibre

What you should bring

The training will use generic Word and InDesign example documents for every participant to use. However, participants will have the opportunity to work on their own documents at the end of the day.


Although there are no pre-requisites, it is recommended that participants have attended the Creating accessible Word documents training, the WCAG2 for content authors and managers training and have some prior experience with InDesign.
This course is available online, as part of Accessibility Day or customised to your organisation. See our trainee testimonials.Online Training Accessibility Day Customised to your organisation