Navigation Through the Nations: Expedia

Up until about a year ago, I’ve always preferred to book flights and accommodation over the phone. Even then, that can sometimes feel like a chore. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve called an airline to inform them that I will require assistance because I’m blind, to then be told by the customer service

Navigation Through the Nations: Edmonton, Canada

By Wade The Canadian transit landscape is a patchwork quilt of public and privately run systems that often don’t communicate, but things are looking up. A prime example of accessible systems that didn’t used to mesh is my hometown, Edmonton Alberta. For about 20 years, I lived in a suburb of Edmonton called St. Albert,

Navigation Through the Nations: Perth, Western Australia

By Grace I have lived in a variety of places in my life including a medium sized college city called Madison Wisconsin, a little town called Wausau, The fairly large city of Denver Colorado and finally Perth Western Australia. I have to say that of all of the places I have lived, Perth has the

Navigation Through the Nations: a Travel Toolbox

When I travel, I often use multiple apps to plan my journey, to check a timetable on the fly, or find out what station I’m at when there are no audible announcements. The simplest way for me to look up a timetable is with an app called MelbournePT, developed by Steam Film. At the time