Website disability action plans

If you are not able to meet accessibility deadlines, we can help you develop a Website Disability Action Plan to outline your accessibility strategy and show your commitment.

Why an action plan?

The Australian Human Rights Commission requires websites (internal and external) to be accessible to people with disabilities, and comply with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has set deadlines for accessibility compliance.

Government accessibility deadlines

  • WCAG2 Level A compliance, Dec 2012
  • WCAG2 Level AA compliance, Dec 2014

Corporate accessibility deadlines

  • WCAG2 Level AA compliance, Dec 2013

Your defense against a complaint

This Action Plan can be used as a defense if your organisation receives an accessibility complaint.

The DDA allows, and the Commission encourages, service providers to prepare Action Plans indicating the provider’s own strategies for eliminating discrimination in its services. Any Relevant provisions of such an Action Plan are required to be taken into account in considering a complaint against a provider that has submitted its Action Plan to the Commission.

(Source:, 6 January 2013)

What’s in an Accessibility Action Plan?

Our Action Plans will outline your organisation’s goals and actions to:

  • eliminate discrimination in an active way;
  • raise awareness of web accessibility;
  • promote your commitment to online accessibility;
  • identify and fix accessibility errors in current websites and web applications;
  • address accessibility feedback, requests and complaints;
  • reduce the likelihood of complaints being made.

This is a collaborative work, and we allocate time for you to review and discuss our recommendations.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.