Helpdesk hours

AccessibilityOz offers support for clients who have queries related to the accessibility of their websites.

Our support packages also include OzWiki and the Accessibility Factsheets.

Request Helpdesk hours.

Expert advice when you need it

Support advice can be used for anything! However most of our clients use it for the following types of tasks:

  • Accessibility assessments of website pages;
  • Questions relating to build of a web site;
  • Questions relating to example code;
  • Advising on writing and evaluating web site tenders;
  • Creating accessible documents (Word, PDF etc);
  • Creating transcripts, captions and audio descriptions;
  • Accessibility fixes to web sites;
  • Assistance writing an accessibility compliance statement; and
  • Questions relating to accessibility complaint.

Support requests are responded to within 24 hours and a status report can be sent weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as required.

Access to OzWiki (twelve month license)

In addition to support hours, you will have access to AccessibilityOz’s OzWiki, an online database with examples of all 635 accessibility errors, broken up into categories (audio, images, content, forms etc).

Each example is broken up into one of the following categories:

  • Audio
  • Coding
  • Content
  • Download Alternatives
  • Flash
  • Forms
  • Headings
  • Images
  • JavaScript
  • Links
  • Interactive Maps
  • Navigation
  • Page Title
  • Slideshow
  • Social Media
  • Stylesheets
  • Tables
  • Video

Each error has the following information:

  • Topic (Alternative, Keyboard, Design etc)
  • WCAG2 Success Criterion
  • WCAG2 Level
  • WCAG2 Technique
  • Impact on people with disabilities
  • Error description
  • Incorrect example, with screenshot and code
  • Solution to the error

Accessibility Factsheets

There are twelve accessibility factsheets in OzWiki:

  • Images factsheet
  • Content factsheet
  • Keyboard factsheet
  • PDF factsheet
  • HTML5 factsheet
  • Source order factsheet
  • Video factsheet
  • JavaScript factsheet
  • Tables factsheet
  • Interactive Maps factsheet
  • Coding factsheet
  • Forms factsheet

Each factsheet contains the following:

Interested? Request Helpdesk hours or you can contact us to discuss your requirements.