Partnering with AccessibilityOz

As of December 2014, every web site you build will need to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0, Level AA. These guidelines are complex and require skilled interpretation. Gian Wild, the Director of AccessibilityOz, spent six years with the W3C writing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and is currently on the Working Group developing new techniques for use around the world.

Partnering with us will give you access expert knowledge and specialist testers and trainers on accessibility, who can work with you on particular problems and provide alternative solutions when you require it.


There are three options for partnering with AccessibilityOz:

  1. AccessibilityOz Partner
  2. AccessibilityOz Associate/li>
  3. AccessibilityOz Trained

Each partnering option includes:

  • The opportunity to offer your clients AccessibilityOz web site development services at greatly reduced costs (for sites up to 1000 pages)
  • Access to AccessibilityOz products, services and training for your internal staff.

Our partnering options offer great discounts, but you are welcome to charge your client whatever you think is fair.

Web site development services for your clients

Optional services you may offer to your client as part of the web site development lifecycle include:

  • Functional specification review
  • Template review
  • Final site audit
  • Content training (for your client)
  • Accessibility statement by AccessibilityOz (verifying the compliance of the site)


  • The ability to offer accessibility services to current and perspective clients at greatly reduced costs
  • Specialist accessibility testing by AccessibilityOz to ensure all accessibility issues have been identified within your clients’ web sites

AccessibilityOz products, services and training for your staff

Products, services and training provided to your staff include:

  • Seminars for staff and clients (onsite training of up to 15 people per session)
  • Developer, Project Manager and Business Analyst training
  • OzART (our automated accessibility testing tool) and our testing methodology
  • OzART training for your testers
  • Access to OzWiki (our database of accessibility errors)
  • Helpdesk hours for your developers
  • Use of the AccessibilityOz logo on your materials to promote your partnership with AccessibilityOz
  • Sponsorship and complementary attendance at our Accessibility Week conferences
  • Listings on AccessibilityOz site, Accessibility Week site and Twitter
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.