ePUB development

ePUBs are becoming a popular way to read documents especially on mobile devices. We can create accessible ePUBs from your Word or InDesign documents.

From Word documents

For Word documents to be made into accessible ePUBs, the Word document has to be made accessible first. Word document accessibility includes:

  • Alternative text for images;
  • Using pre-set styles for headings;
  • Active hyperlinks and email links;
  • Using bullet points to create lists;
  • Specifying header rows in tables; and
  • Text boxes replaced as text.

The accessible Word documents then need to be converted to HTML before they can be converted into ePUB.

From InDesign

InDesign documents can be exported to ePUB format. However, for the ePUB to be accessible there are techniques that need to applied during the InDesign stage and then to the exported ePUB document. Requirements for the InDesign documents include:

  • Alternative text for images;
  • Adding and using styles for headings and body text;
  • Anchoring images in the reading sequence;
  • Creating text threads for the reading order;
  • Using bullet points to create lists; and
  • Active hyperlinks and email links.

Once you have exported your document to ePUB format, there are some feature such as tables which will need to be edited directly in the ePUB HTML.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.