Overview of services

Testing websites and applications

Accessibility audits for websites, intranets or applications – we’ll identify the problems and provide solutions.

Mobile and tablet accessibility testing

Accessibility testing your website from portable devices using W3C standards-based testing, or testing your mobile applications with assistive technology features.

Accessibility testing during the web development cycle

We help you plan for accessibility – review wireframes, designs, and templates and provide training during the key development stages of a website to ensure an accessible site on launch – don’t leave it until the end.

CMS accessibility comparison

If you are reviewing the accessibility of a CMS, we can help with an analysis of the generated output of the CMS content and/or the accessibility of CMS interface.

Website disability action plans

We develop Disability Action Plans that document how your organisation is addressing and progressing on web accessibility. This is your defence against a web accessibility complaint.

Accessible user experience and design

We can help you develop an accessible, inclusive and beautiful web site.

Accessible Word, PDF and HTML

We convert and create accessible Word documents, PDFs and HTML versions of downloadable documents; create and correct HTML to ensure compliance to WCAG2.

Video accessibility

We create accessible transcripts, captions and audio descriptions for videos.We’ve also built a fully accessible video player called OzPlayer.

Complaints about your website accessibility

If you have received a complaint about the accessibility of your website – we can help you prepare a response and negotiate an outcome.

User testing with assistive technologies

We work with screen reader and magnification users to bring you real experiences and results.

Support hours and OzWiki access

We offer support for clients who have queries related to the accessibility of their websites – expert advice and assistance when you need it.Our support packages include OzWiki – showing you examples of all 635 accessibility errors we test for.

OS and Browser Testing

Let us help you test your site or application on a wide variety of operating system, browser, and device combinations.

Partnering with AccessibilityOz

Partnering with us will give you access to expert knowledge and specialist testers and trainers on accessibility.

ePUB development

Create accessible electronic documents in the ePUB format.