History of Web Accessibility (and the 3rd A11y Wizard Hour)

AccessibilityOz turned 10 on April 15, 2021! To celebrate, Founder and CEO Gian Wild hosted a new webinar, The History of Web Accessibility, alongside the third installment of our A11y Wizard Hour Q&A series. Gian discussed digital accessibility’s hard-won and progressive history, how it started, where it is now and where it’s headed.

Video transcript

Recorded on April 15, 2021. The presentation slides can be accessed via Dropbox as a PowerPoint document (60.13 MB) or a PDF document (4.2 MB).

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Gian’s articles

Testability Costs Too Much (2008)

Why I’m sticking with WCAG1… for now (2010)

Yes I’m recommending WCAG2 now (2011)


W3C Math Home – What is MathML?

Perkins – Math Games and Activities for Home for Students with Visual Impairments

American Association of Blind Teachers – General Resources for Math and Science

MSAA Hooks

Hooks and Accessibility, Window Sub-classing

Hooks Overview

ALT text

WebAIM – Alternative Text

W3C – An alt Decision Tree

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