History of Web Accessibility (and the 3rd A11y Wizard Hour)

AccessibilityOz turned 10 on April 15, 2021! To celebrate, Founder and CEO Gian Wild hosted a new webinar, The History of Web Accessibility, alongside the third installment of our A11y Wizard Hour Q&A series. Gian discusses digital accessibility’s hard-won and progressive history, how it started, where it is now and where it’s headed.

How to Test the Accessibility of Your Mobile Websites and Apps

Mobile accessibility is very different from web accessibility. Gian Wild, CEO of AccessibilityOz, has been Co-Chair of two committees working on accessibility testing guidelines of mobile sites and native apps, respectively. Join her as she discusses these guidelines.

Using Social Media Accessibility Features

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild explains the steps you can take to make your social media presence more accessible.

2nd A11y Wizard Hour

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild answers your accessibility questions in our 2nd A11y Wizard Hour.

Social Media and Accessibility

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild discusses the latest results of her accessibility testing of the 6 top social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Accessibility in Higher Education (A11y Wizard Hour #1)

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild answers accessibility questions raised by higher education professionals.

How to Determine If a Product is Accessible

In this webinar, AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild details some quick testing that you can do that will determine the accessibility compliance of a product in under two hours.

Mobile Accessibility Toolkit

It’s no secret that the cellphone is one of the most important devices of the century. But how many people are actually making their content accessible for mobile? AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild takes you through what mobile accessibility is and how to test it.

How to Read a VPAT

AccessibilityOz’s CEO​ Gian Wild takes you through reading a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

The new Mobile Site and Native App Accessibility Testing Guidelines

AccessibilityOz’s CEO​ Gian Wild takes you through the processes and methodologies involved in testing mobile websites and apps.

Video player (in)accessibility

AccessibilityOz’s CEO​ Gian Wild reviews 37 video players for accessibility compliance.

Implementing Accessible Workplace Tech: PDF Accessibility

AccessibilityOz’s CEO​ Gian Wild and Rob Haverty, Senior Program Manager at Adobe explore the accessibility challenges related to PDFs. Topics include how to handle issues such as an existing archive of untagged PDFs on a website.

Implementing Accessible Workplace Tech: Videos and Accessibility

Video accessibility requires more than simply providing transcripts, captions and audio descriptions. AccessibilityOz’s CEO Gian Wild for a detailed demonstration, discussion, and Q&A about how to make videos accessible to people with disabilities.

Implementing Accessible Workplace Tech: Website Images

Images are used on websites for many different functions, and each require a different approach for accessibility. In this webinar Gian Wild discusses how to ensure your images are both accessible and usable for people with disabilities.

Implementing Accessible Workplace Tech: Creating Accessible Tables for the Web

In order to ensure that your eRecruiting materials and other website content is accessible, it’s essential that your website include properly formatted tables. In this webinar, Gian Wild of Accessibility Oz provides a hands-on demonstration of coding and sequence requirements for both data tables and layout tables, and the easy way to determine the difference between table types.

Interactive Maps Accessibility

Gian Wild’s presentation to the University of Montana’s Accessibility Interest Group on the OzWiki Interactive Maps Factsheet on February 4, 2017.

Live Presentations

Testing and Monitoring: End Users in Action

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild took part in this panel discussion at the 2019 M-Enabling conference.

Session Chair: Albert Rizzi, Founder and CEO, My Blind Spot


  • Jonathan Avila, Chief Accessibility Officer, Level Access
  • Paul Bohman, Ph.D., Director of Training, Deque Systems and IAAP Certification Committee Chair
  • Gian Wild, CEO, AccessibilityOz

Panel Discussion: Building a workplace for the next generation

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild participates in this virtual panel during M365 May. Other participants include host Rebecca Jackson (M365 May Co-Organiser), Paul Warren (Consultant / Senior Engineer), Nevena Spirovska (social change campaigner) and Chris Varney (Founder and Chief Enabling Officer at I CAN Network Ltd).

Creating an Accessible WordPress Site

AccessibilityOz had just released the Rooted in Rights website, a fully accessible WordPress site which won the Australian Web Award for Accessibility. Gian Wild talks about how to make a site accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with U.S. regulations, including WCAG 2.0.

Mobile site accessibility: the good, the bad and the ugly

Gian Wild looks at mobile web sites, mobile apps and desktop sites on a mobile device and shows you what can go wrong, as well as what can go right.

Accessibility Basics Workshop

Gian Wild presented this workshop the City of Boroondara council in 2015.

Accessibility Laws

Gian Wild gave this presentation at the City of Boroondara council in 2015.

Mobile Accessibility

Gian Wild talks about the unique accessibility issues on a mobile site and mobile app, including hover traps, VoiceOver swipe traps and zoom traps.

Social Media and Accessibility

Social media is a very important method of communication in the Information Age, especially for those with disabilities who may be limited in their ability to travel, use traditional telecommunication options or be restricted from attending social events in person. This session by presented by Gian Wild explores several different accessible ways that users with disabilities interact with various social media services so you can learn best practices for posting image and other visual content so that it doesn’t unintentionally exclude users.

Recorded at the Great Lakes ADA Center on October 20, 2015.

Prioritising accessibility in the build of a website

Gian Wild’s presentation at DrupalGov 2014 on how to build an accessible web site.

Keynote Presentation – The differences between WCAG1.0 and WCAG2.0

WCAG2.0 has now been endorsed by federal, state and local Government, the time has come to learn all about the new guidelines, and how they differ from WCAG1.0. Gian Wild talks about WCAG2.0 and the main differences between this new set of guidelines and WCAG1.0, such as CAPTCHA, captions, ALT attributes, skip links, validation, keyboard operability and audio control. This was a keynote presentation given at Drupal Downunder Melbourne 2012.

Making your website accessible

This presentation by Gian Wild provides advice on making your website accessible, using case studies from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, State Library NSW and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, and highlights pitfalls and solutions along the way.

Panel Discussion: WordPress in Higher Education

Our CEO Gian Wild runs this panel discussion at WordCamp Boston 2017. Speakers include Guillaume Molter, Senior Web and Application Developer at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Mike Kirby, Disability Communications Manager at the University of Maine; and Jonathan Perlman, Programmer and Webmaster at Dawson College.