Screen reader View Firefox extension

AccessibilityOz has developed a Firefox extension to mimic what a screen reader reads aloud. The extension removes all styles and re-applies display:none, visibility:hidden and aria-hidden=true, as this content is also hidden from screen readers. In addition, it renders visible all content that is aimed at a screen reader.

For example, the AccessibilityOz site uses hidden structural labels in the main navigation.

Normally, the AccessibilityOz site looks like this, with skip links, Search, Login and main navigation.

AccessibilityOz homepage navigation bar, with the "About" drop-down menu opened, reading the link titles: Meet our executive team, Our clients, Example Projects, Testimonials and Conferences.


With the Screen reader View extension applied the structural labels prior to each navigation item is visible, as is the more descriptive Search label.

AccessibilityOz homepage navigation with style sheets off. Navigation and drop-down menu items are displayed in a bulleted list.

Download the extension.