AccessibilityOz Slideshow

View the AccessibilityOz slideshow code on Github.

In 2015, AccessibilityOz was commissioned by the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to develop an accessible slideshow. This slideshow built by replacing some parts of the Flexslider library.

It works by removing the controls and replacing them with our own accessible controls. It also modifies ARIA states and the keyboard focus order as slides change by using the “after” callback. The main limitation is that you can only use the “fade” animation as the “slide” animation cannot be made accessible. The slideshow works on mobile and tablet devices.

A screen reader user who encounters this slider should simply see blocks of content in an unordered list. They won’t even know there’s a slideshow.

It was built based on the principles of creating an accessible slideshow outlined in the article “The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Slideshows”.

You can see operational versions of this slideshow on the:


This work is licensed under the GPLv2.