OzART On-Demand

Note that all prices are in US dollars.


OzART On-Demand is a new offering of AccessibilityOz’s industry-leading AccessibilityOz Automated Reporting Tool.

When you sign up for this product you’ll need to fill in an additional form that provides us with the details needed to run the report. Once we’ve received that it will need to be checked by our technical staff.

If you submit your details during our business hours you should receive a response with a time estimate within two hours, and the reports themselves within twenty-four hours.

Your reports will remain online and available to you for a month after they have been created. If you need them to remain available for longer you can get in touch and we’ll bill you an additional $50 per month.

Intended Audience

Web developers and web managers who are working to make their site accessible.


An understanding of HTML and CSS, and how your web site is built.