Online Training: Video

Note that all prices are in US dollars.


This is AccessibilityOz’s online video training.

The training is broken up into four sections – overview, transcript, captions and audio descriptions. The transcripts, captions and audio description pages contain video walkthroughs of how to create each video feature. These sections also contain an HTML alternative of their related parts from the step-by-step manual. A full Word version of the video training manual can be downloaded from the Overview page which contains every section as well as appendices.

This video training is specifically created for OzPlayer. OzPlayer is the world’s first accessible video player. Without an accessible video player, you will still encounter many accessibility issues even if you have provided accessible features with the video (ie transcripts, captions and audio descriptions). The impact an inaccessible video player has on users with a disability can be found in the overview section of the training. For more information on OzPlayer’s accessible features, go to the OzPlayer page.

You can also find some helpful information on creating accessible videos in the Sitepoint article 8 Steps to Creating Accessible Video.

Note: You have access to the materials for a month.