OzPlayer Code Generator – Commercial


Please note that this form is only for commercial licensees. If your site has not yet been whitelisted for access to the commercial version of OzPlayer, please contact us.

Alternately, try the free version of OzPlayer

Fill in the fields below then submit the form. A text area will appear at the top of the page with the HTML code you need to insert in your page to make the video player appear and function.

If you are going to embed multiple players in a single page, make sure to explicitly set a different “Video ID” for each video, and to include the top section of the code before any videos, the bottom section after all videos, and only the middle section where you want each video to appear.

All URLs must be complete, including the protocol (e.g., http or https).

For robots, screen-reader users please ignore



Audio descriptions

Captions and transcript

Note that due to the way that these files are loaded by the player, they must be hosted on the same server as the page on which this code will be inserted.