Trending: Video Popularity and Accessibility Compliance

To stay current with the times, your department or campus may be using video as a teaching tool or for student engagement. Video is everywhere in today’s college environment, and it is only becoming more prevalent. Accessibility compliance is now more important than ever and presidents, deans and department heads are prioritizing digital access for people with disabilities. AccessibilityOz will help you meet and exceed “state of the art” accessibility standards for video, today.

Accessible Video Content

Enforcing accessibility in procurement is one challenge. Teaching content authors across campus about how to make their own video accessible can feel like “boiling the ocean.” From classroom learning to MOOC’s to vlogs, video is not going away. AccessibilityOz can help you make it all accessible. We offer training as well as captions, transcripts and audio description services.

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Accessible “State of the Art” Video Player

Separate from creating accessible video content, using an accessible video player should also be part of your road map. For example, without features like keyboard navigation and audio tracks, many users cannot consume the video content, at all. OzPlayer includes these and several other critical features. It even has flash fallback! Pave the way with accessible video on your campus. Download your free trial of OzPlayer today.

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