Impact on users

The following is an overview of common keyboard accessibility errors and the impact on users with a disability.

Avoid keyboard traps

When a keyboard user encounters a keyboard trap they are unable to exit a site feature or content area and are effectively stuck and must close the browser window and start again.

Ensure that all content can be accessed with the keyboard alone

Content, controls and interactive elements that cannot be accessed and/or operated via the keyboard will not be available to keyboard users.

Keyboard focus indicator is highly visible and clear

Without a highly visible keyboard focus indicator on all items such as links, navigations, form fields, buttons or any other object control, the keyboard user is unable to perceive where they are on the page content, or within the interactive site feature, and take their desired action.

Ensure that all information is available via the keyboard

When the TITLE attribute is used on links and images to present information not otherwise available on the web page the keyboard user is not able to access this content.

Item presentation changes on keyboard focus

A change in item presentation, in the same manner as when the mouse hovers over the item, aids navigation around the site, location of desired information and activation of required functionality.