Confessions of a PA: the Complexities of Tracking Time

I’m not just talking about those moments when it’s late in the afternoon and your sugar and caffeine high is wearing off. You stare vaguely at the computer screen for what seems like an eternity – but it’s only been five minutes – trying to focus on writing a blog post. What I am talking

Task Management: the Trello Experience

As this is my first post, I should introduce myself. My name is Lauren Hayes and I am the PA at AccessibilityOz. I’ve been in the role for a couple of months now, and like anyone starting a new job, I’ve experienced the anxiety that comes with it – will I be able to get

August newsletter

AccessibilityOz partners with Generate Sydney Generate Sydney is occurring on Monday 5th September, with AccessibilityOz running a quick workshop during lunch. As a client of AccessibilityOz, you are entitled to a $150 discount (bringing the cost down to just $249 for the entire day). Just use the discount code “AccOz30” when purchasing your ticket. It looks like it’s going to

OzPlayer is an ANZIA finalist!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that OzPlayer, our accessible video player, has been short-listed as a finalist in the 2016 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards. We’ve worked hard to make OzPlayer a great choice for video playback online. It’s completely accessible, plays from YouTube, Vimeo Pro, and any other provider who can give an

Accessibility litigation in the US

Ever wondered where accessibility litigation started? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you will know that web accessibility is becoming more and more important. The first accessibility litigation occurred in Australia in 2000, against the Sydney Olympics web site, however it wasn’t until August 2008, when Target settled a lawsuit

When and why to use OzART

When we talk to customers they sometimes bring up the various free accessibility testing tools and ask why they shouldn’t just use one of them instead of OzART.

It’s a fair question.

Testing airline web sites for accessibility compliance: use of colour

AccessibilityOz worked with a number of airlines to address their requirements by the deadline. Each airline came to us with the same problem: their booking engine was not accessible. This article focuses on the use of color in a booking engine. The inaccessible use of color can severely affect a user’s ability to understand information,or to

US Department of Transport Rule for Web Accessibility in Air Travel

In the last six months we have worked with several airlines to meet the Department of Transport Rule regarding Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel: Accessibility of Web Sites and Automated Kiosks at US Airports. This requires that all: U.S. and foreign air carriers that operate at least one aircraft having a

Meet Gian Wild, CEO of AccessibilityOz

Gian is heading overseas shortly – four countries in six weeks! – so chances are she’s coming to a place near you! She might even be speaking at a conference nearby, so check out our Conferences page. United States Las Vegas Los Angeles New York Washington DC Philadelphia Denver Portland Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands Berlin, Germany