Accessibility webinar series from AccessibilityOz & CommonLook!

AccessibilityOz is teaming up with CommonLook to provide a series of free webinars on accessibility, covering Social Media accessibility, Document accessibility, Mobile accessibility and PDF accessibility! Using Social Media Accessibility Features Webinar on Tuesday, July 28th Although social media has its accessibility problems, there are a variety of accessibility features built into various social media

Social Media Accessibility: Turning Off Autoplay (2020)

Overview of autoplay and video accessibility in social media Autoplay is a serious accessibility issue. We tested whether videos autoplayed on social media, as well as whether it was possible to turn off this feature. In addition, we tested whether the video could be paused by the mouse, keyboard and touch. No autoplay on default

Social media accessibility features (2020)

Overview of accessibility features in social media Accessibility features, in this instance, is defined as the ability to add alt attributes to an image, or (in YouTube only) captions and audio descriptions. Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter YouTube Desktop Pass N/A Pass Pass Pass Pass / Fail iOS Pass Pass Fail Pass Pass Fail Android

Happy 9th Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Missed some of our latest projects? You can find AccessibilityOz’s recorded webinars on our website, including the two presented last week: Social Media and Accessibility A11y Wizard Hour #2 (Accessibility Q&A) Keep up to date! We announce upcoming webinars and presentations on our Twitter and our LinkedIn. Catch up on our blog with out newest

“Meet our team” or “Go to event” – a problem with headings

Headings matter Heading is an extremely important element for screen reader users. Each screen reader allows you to jump from heading to heading on a webpage, making it easier and quicker to find specific content. Imagine that instead of scanning the page for the content you need, you must read it line by line, including

Join us May 14 for our second A11y Wizard Hour!

Your accessibility questions, answered Have a question about accessibility you can’t find the answer to? Have a specific accessibility problem that you’d like help solving? Come join AccessibilityOz for our second A11y Wizard Hour, an hour of questions and answers all about accessibility. Questions can be asked live or beforehand, anonymous or not. You can

How can AccessibilityOz help you during this time?

As social distancing becomes the new normal, more and more business, education and communication is heading online. Digital accessibility is more important now than ever. Newly remote employees and employers are only now noticing the accessibility problems and obstacles on their websites and applications. Individuals are taking advantage of apps and sites for communication that

The Importance of Captioning

Why captions? Whenever I mention at conferences or meetups that accessible video for blind watchers should have audio descriptions, I am asked a lot of questions: How precise should the audio descriptions be? What should be omitted? Should colors be mentioned (yes, they should)? What video players play audio descriptions? Et cetera. In other words,

HTML5 sectioning elements and screen readers

 (Please note that the Edge browser has been updated since this testing was conducted.) HTML5 offers a number of sectioning elements, which might be perceived as equivalent to Aria roles. Actually only some of these elements are fully equivalent to ARIA roles, so they should be used very carefully. Attention should even be paid

Pro bono accessibility testing for bushfire resources

The bushfires ravaging our country have destroyed millions of acres of land, displaced thousands of people and killed hundreds of thousands of animals. Smoke has invaded our cities and suburbs, making breathing difficult and forcing most of us to remain indoors.   Though we are proud to have made a foothold in accessibility markets around