Merry Christmas!

It’s been a busy year for AccessibilityOz. We built a fully accessible site for Energy Rating which spurred us on to rebuild our own website. Have a look around – we’re very proud! Gian and Alison developed our unique Mobile accessibility methodology, which we have used with a number of corporate and Government clients. We’ve also started

Vale Stella Young

Today the ABC announced that Stella Young died over the weekend. She was a brilliant comedian and a wonderful disability activist. The world will miss her. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you watch her TED talk. She was not our inspiration, but she made the world a better place. There will be

Accessing Higher Ground

I had a great time at Accessing Higher Ground. The weather was beautiful, despite the snow on the ground. In fact, the lake near the Westin in Westminster was frozen around the edges (and people had been walking on it!), but still liquid in the middle! I ran three presentations and one lab for Accessing

Mobile and accessibility – my presentation at the Future of Web Design in New York

New York is definitely the city that never sleeps. For those in Melbourne, think Chadstone during late-night Christmas shopping. All the time. Everywhere. It’s exhausting. I ran my mobile and accessibility session at the Future of Web Design yesterday. It was a great conference and I learnt a lot. You can download my accessible PowerPoint

Did someone say map?

My next post for GovHack is accessible maps. Now at a later date, have a look at OzWiki: Interactive Maps factsheets. But for now, I know you’re all busy, so I’ll summarise it for you. The important things you need to do to make a map accessible is: Providing a long description of the map

Design and accessibility – use of colour

Apologies to all the GovHackers! I meant to post this yesterday, but was struck down with a migraine. I hope it’s not too late! Colour contrast The most important thing to remember when it comes to designing an accessible web site, app or interface is colour contrast. This is the kind of thing that needs