Accessibility Basics Part 1: Overview of accessibility

In this 2-part article series, we take our popular webinar and presentation “Accessibility Basics” and present it in an easy-to-understand article format. Part 1 begins by explaining what web accessibility is and why it’s needed. What is online accessibility? Online accessibility is the ability for a person with a disability to understand and use a

The trouble with blind dates: screen readers and date formatting

  Date, time and description – these are the data most frequently checked while learning about an event, meeting or institution opening hours. In many cases you will even skip the description in favour of the date, time and title. As a user, you expect the calendar data be provided clearly, so that you don’t

Accessible Technology in Australia: The AHRC’s Human Rights and Technology Final Report

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released their Human Rights and Technology Final Report, the results of a three-year project led by Commissioner Edward Santow that analyses how emerging technologies affect and interact with human rights and provides recommendations to the Australian government based on these trends. The report is divided into two major

Catch our 2nd webinar series with CommonLook!

We’ve partnering up with CommonLook again to put on a two-part free webinar series. Be sure to register for these great topics: What Makes a Document Accessible and Standards-Compliant? Date: 24 March, 2021 at 1:00PM PT / 4:00PM ET Description: CommonLook’s Avery Hymel takes you on a deep dive into the elements and checkpoints that

Let’s talk mobile accessibility… And come find us at CSUN next week!

Find AccessibilityOz at CSUN 2021… Get a trial of OzWiki! The 36th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference kicks off next week, and you’ll find AccessibilityOz at the virtual expo! Stop by to chat about accessibility and grab a 3-month trial of OzWiki, our database of accessibility errors, examples, code and solutions. Not attending CSUN? You can

Shopping for a smart device as a blind person

How would you go about buying a new washing machine? You would probably count your money and buy the best one you can afford. Or, if you hate reading specifications and reviews and comparing parameters, you just choose the first one that seems suitable for your needs. Forget about these methods if you are blind.

Gian to speak at Access Israel’s 7th International Webinar

Join AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild and many other expert speakers at Access Israel’s 7th International Webinar, “Focused on Accessible Future: Innovation in Web & Apps Accessibility.” This 3-hour event, hosted in partnership with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), is free and happening on January 26 at 14:00 GMT (9:00AM EST / 6:00AM PST).

Breaking Barriers’ first virtual event is a success!

Did you miss Disability Rights Washington’s (DRW) annual Breaking Barriers event last month? You can watch the recording on YouTube (a transcript is available on the DRW website). October 2nd marked Breaking Barriers’ 5th year, and this year it was held virtually. The fundraising event aims to benefit Washingtonians with disabilities and their communities. AccessibilityOz