From Action to Inclusion: Telstra’s Disability Inclusion Plan

Early last year, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Telstra’s new 2017-2019 Disability Inclusion Plan. I was familiar with Telstra’s commitment to disability employment, but was not aware of the other ways in which the company was committed to creating a more accessible and inclusive community. Following the launch, I wanted to

Navigation Through the Nations: Expedia

Up until about a year ago, I’ve always preferred to book flights and accommodation over the phone. Even then, that can sometimes feel like a chore. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve called an airline to inform them that I will require assistance because I’m blind, to then be told by the customer service

Inclusive and Accessible Games: Introduction

I was never into games as a kid. I’d go to friends’ houses and they would play games such as Mario and the Legend of Zelda on their Nintendo’s. Kids would get into trouble in class for playing with their Gameboys. When I tried to participate in game play, I quickly became bored. The music

Navigation Through the Nations: a Travel Toolbox

When I travel, I often use multiple apps to plan my journey, to check a timetable on the fly, or find out what station I’m at when there are no audible announcements. The simplest way for me to look up a timetable is with an app called MelbournePT, developed by Steam Film. At the time

Navigation Through the Nations: Introduction

Prior to 1901, when a person who was blind wished to travel interstate by rail or boat in Australia, they were required to pay an astronomical travel bond of 400 pounds. Thanks to the tireless work of little known advocate and pioneer Tilly Aston – who had been blind since the age of seven – this bond was eventually

Confessions of a PA: the Complexities of Tracking Time

I’m not just talking about those moments when it’s late in the afternoon and your sugar and caffeine high is wearing off. You stare vaguely at the computer screen for what seems like an eternity – but it’s only been five minutes – trying to focus on writing a blog post. What I am talking

Task Management: the Trello Experience

As this is my first post, I should introduce myself. My name is Lauren Hayes and I am the PA at AccessibilityOz. I’ve been in the role for a couple of months now, and like anyone starting a new job, I’ve experienced the anxiety that comes with it – will I be able to get

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AccessibilityOz partners with Generate Sydney Generate Sydney is occurring on Monday 5th September, with AccessibilityOz running a quick workshop during lunch. As a client of AccessibilityOz, you are entitled to a $150 discount (bringing the cost down to just $249 for the entire day). Just use the discount code “AccOz30” when purchasing your ticket. It looks like it’s going to