Accessibility Basics Part 1: Overview of accessibility

In this 2-part article series, we take our popular webinar and presentation “Accessibility Basics” and present it in an easy-to-understand article format. Part 1 begins by explaining what web accessibility is and why it’s needed. What is online accessibility? Online accessibility is the ability for a person with a disability to understand and use a

Overview of social media accessibility

Overview of accessibility of popular social media platforms Every year, AccessibilityOz does an analysis of the accessibility of popular social media platforms. This year, the following social media platforms were tested: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter YouTube The following user journeys were tested: Register an account Log in Read a post Submit an item (with

New Mobile Accessibility Testing Methodology – Your Input Requested!

Prevalence of Mobile The internet has been taken over by mobile. On any given day, user time on mobile devices surpasses user time on desktop computers. This is a recent development; until 2014, desktop use was still greater than mobile use. Conveniently, mobile technology offers innovative native accessibility features such as screen readers, haptic keyboards,

How to Read a VPAT

Check out our webinar, How to Read a VPAT. What is a VPAT A VPAT is an overview of the accessibility compliance of a product. It is often owned and assessed by the product’s vendor – though that’s not necessarily a good idea. It is required by the Section 508 Refresh and almost all Federal

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Join AccessibilityOz in celebrating the 8th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Today, May 16 2019, we are proud to celebrate the 8th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Tons of on-site and virtual events are taking place worldwide today to mark this special day. 2019 has been a busy year for us so far! AccessibilityOz

What’s wrong with providing a separate site for people with disabilities?

Scandinavian Airlines and UsableNet were in the news this week, when the Department of Transportation ruled that Scandinavian Airlines’ separate site for people with disabilities contravened the DOT’s Web Accessibility Rule (read the full consent order) and fined them $100,000. Scandinavian Airlines argued that they had been assured by UsableNet that providing a separate site

We’re looking for a sales representative

Interested in working for AccessibilityOz? Love accessibility? Or, love sales, and are willing to learn about accessibility? Well, we have the job for you! We’re looking for a US-based sales representative. We prefer someone based on the West Coast, but we’re open to anyone in the US. Tasks include: Building business by identifying and selling

CSUN Session Preview: Interactive Maps – How Do You Make Them Accessible?

Maps are a very important source of information for blind users. Maps designers should never assume the data they prepare won’t ever be used by people with visual impairment. In the third of her three CSUN presentations this year, Gian looks at what makes an interactive map inaccessible, and what can be done to make

CSUN Session Preview: Social Media and Accessibility

For several years now, Gian Wild has been monitoring and assessing the accessibility of the four biggest (Western) social networks – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn – to users with disabilities. This has been reflected in a series of articles and presentations tracking the changes over the years. In the second of her three CSUN

CSUN Session Preview: The Accessibility of Video Players

AccessibilityOz CEO Gian Wild is running three information sessions at this year’s CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego, USA, so we thought we’d give you a bit of background on what you can expect from each session. Session Details Session: The Accessibility of Video Players Time: 9am, Thursday 22 March Location: Old Town AB,