AHG Testing tools

Color contrast analysers

Browser bookmarklets / extensions

  • OzART CSS and Table Inspector (Firefox). The “CSS off” tool checks for any visibility:hidden or aria-hidden=true elements, notes them, and then strips all CSS from the page. It then sets visibility:hidden on those noted elements from the first step. This provides an approximation of what a screen reader user will encounter. The table inspector finds any tables in the page. It changes the styling so that it is easy to identify TH and TD cells. It also highlights related cells on mouse hover, and provides cell information (e.g., the list of HEADERS) on mouse click. Please note that this
  • Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar – be careful using the Disable CSS styles as it also disabled display:none which is ignored by screen readers. (Chrome, FireFox, Opera)
  • WAVE toolbar (Chrome)
  • The Paciello Group’s Web Accessibility Toolbar (IE)
  • Deque’s aXe extension (Chrome and Firefox)
  • Chrome’s Accessibility Developer Tools (Chrome) – adds an “Accessibility” panel to the inspect mode, which shows you all the accessibility-related things on the selected element.
  • AInspector Sidebar (Firefox)
  • University of Illinois’ Accessibility Bookmarklets (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 9+)

Readability test

Automated accessibility scanning tools

Automating test cases (requires high-level of technical knowledge)

One page testing tools

  • WAVE by WebAIM
  • FAE (also does scanning of an entire web site)

Browser testing tools

Mobile app and mobile site testing tools

  • SideSync – display your connected Samsung device on your desktop
  • Vysor – display your connected Android device on your desktop
  • Reflector 2 – display your wirelessly connected iOS, Windows or Android device on your desktop (can also record video)
  • Google’s Accessibility Scanner for Android

Information on testing

These factsheets have several sections, including principles, impact on users, developer checklist (with correct and incorrect code), Manager checklist (with testing requirements), Automated testing tool information (WAVE and OzART):