Example projects

We’ve helped many organisations identify and work towards their accessibility goals.

We’d like to share a few of these projects with you.

Disability Rights Texas (DRTx)

Project scope

Disability Rights Texas (DRTx) awarded AccessibilityOz the planning, execution and deployment of a complete redesign of the DRTx website that meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at AA level. AccessibilityOz developed a new information architecture of the new site, and helped create and implement a design theme as WordPress templates, ensuring they were WCAG2, Level AA accessible.

AccessibilityOz previously conducted an audit of the content on the original site and then reviewed and edited new content created by DRTx prior to migration. Finally, before deploying the new site, AccessibilityOz tested it against the latest operating systems, browsers, mobiles and tablets to ensure all worked correctly.

Client testimonial

After carefully reviewing several proposals from different companies to develop a new accessible and mobile responsive website for our organization, we selected AccessibilityOz to take on the task because of their unparalleled expertise and reasonable pricing structure. As a disability rights agency, website accessibility was our number one priority. AO exceeded our expectations, both in the process and final product. Sheryl managed the project with skill and grace, keeping things moving along on schedule and regularly communicating on status. Matt was amazing to work with – his command of WordPress and plug-in options is impressive, and he was responsive and solution-oriented throughout the development phase, in the days after going live, and even now as we utilize him for help desk hours and adding additional functionality. Sam helped in the content transfer – no small task – and did a tremendous job understanding my direction on where and how we wanted items on the new site.

All in all, we are very pleased with our new website and still enjoy excellent customer service from AccessibilityOz.

Edie Surtees – Communications Director, Disability Rights Texas

Energy Rating

Project scope

  • Phase 1 consisting of Google stats analysis, content review and user personas and scenarios
  • Phase 2 consisting of an accessibility audit
  • Phase 3 consisting of an interaction design analysis, information architecture and updated site design
  • Phase 4 consisting of redeveloping the existing WordPress templates and implementation of BrowseAloud

Client testimonial

When it comes to web accessibility, Gian and the AccessibilityOz team really know their stuff! In March 2014, the Department of Industry engaged AccessibilityOz to complete a comprehensive accessibility review and design update of the Energy Rating site against the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG2) Level AA. Gian’s in-depth understanding of web accessibility requirements made this a relatively straightforward task, despite the site’s unwieldy content. She developed a strategy for ongoing management and compliance of the site, and provided training that would allow our staff to undertake this work ourselves. Thanks in large part to Gian’s professionalism and energy the project was delivered in a short timeframe and on budget.

We would be pleased to work with AccessibilityOz again, should the opportunity present.

Niki Jackson – Project Manager, Department of Industry, Canberra

Phase 1: Review

Google Stats analysis

Detailed analysis of the Google Analytics of the site was carried out looking at issues such as:

  • site usage;
  • mobile and desktop operating systems and browsers;
  • user location;
  • page views, session activity and clickthroughs;
  • download time and types of documents viewed;
  • length of time spent on different areas of the site;
  • identification of the most popular pages and commonly used interactive features;
  • areas experiencing no or low traffic; and
  • analysis of the user flow or pathways through the site and determination of the usability and effectiveness of the search engine.

Content review

A full audit of the existing site content, comprising over 5000 pages, was carried out using the AccessibilityOz Reporting Tool (OzART) to identify:

  • content to be considered for archival treatment;
  • out of date or inaccurate content;
  • broken links,
  • orphaned pages; and
  • duplicate pages.

A detailed report was provided to Energy Rating consisting of content recommendations. In addition, comprehensive content lists were developed that were used in future phases to facilitate strategic remediation.

User scenarios and personas

Through stakeholder interviews, AccessibilityOz developed a number of personas and associated scenarios, including:

  • Alice Walker, consumer who wants to buy a new washing machine;
  • Matt Bloomington, builder who wants to refurnish an entire house;
  • Serena Cross, retail assistant selling appliances;
  • Rajesh Appan, agent for a manufacturer in India;
  • Chen Wu, employee of a manufacturer in Taiwan; and
  • Ji Chang, employee of an exporter in China.

Phase 2: Compliance Audit

Accessibility review

Phase 2 involved a comprehensive accessibility review of the entire Energy Rating site and calculator against the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG2) Level AA.

A detailed accessibility report was created which outlined every error found with the site templates, technical and general content. A full set of fix lists which direct the end user to the location of every occurrence of every type of error was also provided using the AccessibilityOz Reporting Tool (OzART).

Ongoing support

Ongoing support is provided in the form of OzWiki and access to accessibility specialists. This helps Energy Rating content authors, managers and developers meet their compliance requirements.

Phase 3: Redesign

Interaction design

An interaction design analysis of the Energy Rating web site was conducted following established Interaction Design Principles by Shane Morris. A set of recommendations were developed to address issues identified with the overall user experience and expectation. These included items concerned with consistency, cognitive and memory load, visual weight, balance and the aesthetics of the site.

These recommendations were then carried through into the work on the design and information architecture restructure. This ensured a usable and accessible result was achieved.

Information architecture

The hierarchy of the entire site was reviewed and remapped to a new, more intuitive structure to ensure that key information was highlighted.  Website pages were then systematically moved to their new location and a new design applied.

Website design

AccessibilityOz redesigned the look and the structure of the site to meet usability and accessibility requirements. Elements arising from all previous stages of the project were pulled together to formulate an accessible design brief which would provide an improved user interface. This allows the various users (consumers, suppliers, academics) to easily navigate to their specific area of interest.  A mobile responsive and accessible site design which follows the WCAG2 guidelines was developed with particular reference to the use of:

  • Navigation – keyboard and mouse hover states, colour and colour contrast:
  • Headings – size, colour and colour contrast
  • Links – colour and presentation
  • Tables – heading size, colour, colour contrast, header and row background

Phase 4: Redevelopment

AccessibilityOz redeveloped and corrected issues in the template, on the homepage, and top ten most popular pages. We also provided instructions and assistance to the Department of Industry in updating the remaining pages of the Energy Rating site to meet Level AA.  A fully accessible WordPress template was developed incorporating an improved user interface, accessible navigation and an improved design.

In order to enhance the accessibility of the site BrowseAloud was implemented. BrowseAloud is an assistive technology that can be purchased by the web site owner and provided free-of-charge to the end user. This product is unique in that it requires no technical implementation and includes a number of comprehensive assistive technology. It’s features include a direct translation of an entire web page into 74 different languages, screen reader, magnifier, and hover highlighting, dictionary and pronunciation assistance.

Transport Accident Commission

Project scope

  • WCAG 2 AA accessibility review of 3 sites at key stages: design, functional specifications, template and go live site.
  • Rebuild of Pictures of You site, with video captions, transcripts and audio descriptions provided via OzPlayer.

Accessibility audit

AccessibilityOz reviewed three sites for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to assess the level of WCAG 2 Level AA compliance: Pictures of You, How Safe Is Your Car and the TAC corporate site.

On presentation of the results it was apparent that the Pictures of You site required a complete rebuild to ensure compliance with WCAG2. AccessibilityOz rebuilt the site with accessibility features such as skip links and improved audio control and accessible fallbacks.

AccessibilityOz also created accessible captions, transcripts and audio descriptions for all video content on the Pictures of You site.

Web development lifecycle and training

AccessibilityOz has also been involved throughout the web development lifecycle of the new corporate site providing advice and input at all stages from design, functional specifications and template creation. A full site review of the new site was completed.

Onsite training has also been provided for TAC staff responsible for creation and ongoing maintenance of accessible website content.

City West Water

Project scope

Accessibility audit and training

AccessibilityOz carried out WCAG Level AA site audits on five City West Water (CWW) sites and service applications. This project included review of the corporate site; the Online Services and IP Payments gateway; the CVMail Careers application and the Healthy Urban Habitat website.

A detailed scope analysis was carried out on each site to ensure that all the key features of the sites and applications were reviewed.

Representatives from City West Water have attended training sessions covering WCAG2 for content authors and managers and creating Accessible Video, Captions and Audio Descriptions at Accessibility Week – a conference run by AccessibilityOz regularly at venues across Australia.

OzART (AccessibilityOz Automated Reporting Tool)

CWW are a user of OzART and subscribe to the OzWiki which contains detailed information and examples relating to over 600 accessibility issues. CWW are implementing OzPlayer (AccessibilityOz’s accessible video player) on their website.

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

Project scope

Web development lifecycle and training

AccessibilityOz worked with Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (ADCQ) and an external developer during the entire website redevelopment project.

In building an accessible web site accessibility needs to be considered at all stages. Initially a detailed review of the functional specification was carried out which identified any issues that might cause accessibility problems with the site. During this phase AccessibilityOz also recommended inclusion of some additional Level AAA functionality such as a colour contrast picker and a text size modifier which was then written into the ADCQ functional specification.

The proposed site templates were evaluated and a detailed final site review carried out against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0 (Level AAA).

Client testimonial

And the winner is…..

But no, we need to start from the beginning.

After struggling for over a decade with a clunky, inaccessible website the ADCQ in 2013 dedicated the funds required to build a new website.  Our aims were fairly straightforward – we wanted a tool to extend our reach to the community using digital technology and we wanted to reach as many people as possible.  Naturally given that we are the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland we had an overarching ambition to make sure our website was as accessible as we could make it.  We also had a very tight budget so we needed to invest wisely.

We understood from the outset that making websites accessible is a complicated exercise and well-meaning amateurs such as ourselves would struggle to make the correct decisions without access to expert advice.  We needed guidance and an independent voice in the “devil’s advocate” role.

Luckily, during our initial exploration phase we attended a website accessibility forum where Gian Wild from Accessibility Oz spoke, with her usual passion, about how important it was to design websites from the outset with accessibility in mind.  Our enquiries about Accessibility Oz convinced us that they were well regarded and we engaged them to provide advice on making our website as accessible as possible within our budget and also to audit our site so we could gauge how well we had done.

Throughout the next year we developed great relationship with all the staff who worked with us from Accessibility Oz.  They were honest and straightforward in their suggestions but also capable of seeing our perspectives on how far we needed to go – robust discussions always led to good solutions and a degree of compromise.

Gian and her staff were particularly good at helping us navigate the minefield that is the best use of PDF documents, provision of accessible video and accessible form design.  Without their help we would have made many mistakes and not achieved our objectives with the website.

So, how did we go?

And the winner is….

ADCQ won the AWIA Queensland State Award for best Government website!

Warren Edwards, Manager, Corporate Services, Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Project scope

  • WCAG 2 AA accessibility review of website and mobile site.
  • Conversion of over three hundred PDF, Word and scanned image formats into accessible Word documents for online publishing.

Client testimonial

We engaged AccessibilityOz to provide a Level AA accessibility audit of the Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) mobile website. We were glad we did. More than one in four of our website visits is via a mobile device, so we knew it was essential we make it work accessibly for all users.

Once we received the report, we were impressed with its detail and user-friendliness. AccessibilityOz created the report’s content in a way that developers, communications staff and ‘non-web people’ alike can understand and action.

We also appreciated AccessibilityOz’s willingness to utilise other material, such as the groundbreaking BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines, to go beyond simply auditing against and explaining the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Gian, Alison, and the rest of AccessibilityOz team are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge, experience and techniques –- not to mention their passion for web accessibility –- stand them as the best in the field. If you’re serious about making your website, app or documents accessible to everyone, AccessibilityOz is your go to agency.

Daniel Craddock – A/Senior Advisor Digital Strategy and Engagement, Department of Justice

Accessible document conversion

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) engaged AccessibilityOz on a major strategic document conversion project. This project involved the creation of accessible word templates and conversion of several hundred documents from source files of varied readability. Original documents in PDF, Word and scanned image formats were recreated as consistent and accessible Word documents for upload to the CAV website.

Accessibility audit (web and mobile site)

AccessibilityOz also carried out a scoped WCAG Level AA accessibility audit on their corporate website. During the scoping phase AccessibilityOz worked with CAV to identify key pages, functionality and features of the website and a random representative subset of content pages. Approximately 1500 pages were reviewed using manual inspection, semi-automated testing tools such as the Web Developer Toolbar and WAVE and our unique automated testing tool called OzART (AccessibilityOz Automated Reporting Tool).

The CAV site has been developed following responsive design principles to aid ease of access by mobile users. The mobile site has been tested following an approach developed by AccessibilityOz for assessing the accessibility of mobile sites – following the WCAG2 principles in conjunction with the draft UK BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines.

Department of Health (Victoria)

Project scope

  • WCAG 2 AA accessibility review of website and intranet.
  • creation of accessibility policy statement.
  • drafting of accessibility action plan.
  • comparative accessibility review of 4 CMS tools.

CMS accessibility comparison

AccessibilityOz carried out in-depth research into automated testing tools available for accessibility testing. Four enterprise level tools were reviewed and a comparison developed including areas such as feature availability, ease of use, percentage of defects automatically identified, skillset required and level of accessibility knowledge required to use the tool. As a result of the low level of coverage of accessibility issues provided by these tools AccessiblityOz went on to develop OzART (AccessibilityOz’s Automated Reporting Tool) our unique automated testing tool.

Accessibility audit (web and mobile site)

A full site audit was carried out on the Department of Health site; the Better Health Channel website and the department intranet. A policy paper was also created which pulled together the project research and stakeholder analysis and provided a web accessibility policy statement for the Department.

Accessibility Action plan

A roadmap of compliance of Department of Health websites and applications was developed which included an assessment of website infrastructure, identification of any knowledge gaps and training needs, and risk assessment.

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