Example projects

We’ve helped many organisations identify and work towards their accessibility goals.

We’d like to share a few of these projects with you.

Projects in U.S. and Canada

California Community Colleges Tech Center

In 2016, AccessibilityOz was awarded a five-year, $2 million contract to assist the CCC Tech Center in making accessible web applications. The work encompassed testing a variety of websites and applications against WCAG2, the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines, Section 504, ADA, CVAA and ATAG, as well as PDF remediation.

All 115 California Community Colleges had access to OzWiki, AccessibilityOz’s database of accessibility errors and solutions, and a license to OzPlayer, AccessibilityOz’s accessible video player. AccessibilityOz also provided helpdesk support for all accessibility queries for these colleges, and each year AccessibilityOz ran a baseline review to determine the colleges’ accessibility compliance to demonstrate improvement.

CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)

AccessibilityOz performed a WCAG2 accessibility audit and provided a comprehensive, fully accessible report with access to the defects found by OzART (AccessibilityOz’s fully automated, and fully accessible, accessibility auditing tool).

Disability Rights Texas (DRTx)

Disability Rights Texas (DRTx) awarded AccessibilityOz the planning, execution and deployment of a complete redesign of the DRTx website that meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at AA level. AccessibilityOz developed a new information architecture for the new site and helped create and implement a design theme as WordPress templates, ensuring they were WCAG2, Level AA accessible.

AccessibilityOz previously conducted an audit of the content on the original site, and then reviewed and edited new content created by DRTx prior to migration. Finally, before deploying the new site, AccessibilityOz tested it against the latest operating systems, browsers, mobiles and tablets to ensure all worked correctly.

Read the client testimonial.


AccessibilityOz has been operating as the accessibility partner for McDonalds since 2015, when the fast food chain began using OzART for its accessibility testing. AccessibilityOz has created a modified version of OzART according to McDonalds’ specific needs, including developing an archiving feature and integration with JIRA. AccessibilityOz has a dedicated, full-time employee conducting complete content testing for McDonalds’ five major websites: U.S. English, U.S. Spanish, UK English, Canadian French and Canadian English. AccessibilityOz is also working in conjunction with McDonalds to develop a dashboard feature for OzART.

OzART is able to continuously test 7,500 pages over the five sites, that are updated and changed constantly, in just 30 hours per week.

Montgomery County Community College (MC3)

AccessibilityOz developed an accessibility roadmap for MC3 that included a detailed list of tasks and suggestions to help MC3 create and implement an effective accessibility strategy. AccessibilityOz provided PDF, Word and document remediation as well as developing accessible video transcripts, captions and audio descriptions. MC3 received ongoing helpdesk support from AccessibilityOz, including assistance in hiring accessibility leads, reviewing and increasing staff, and developing online training.

AccessibilityOz staff conducted accessibility testing on the template for MC3’s new website to provide data and consultation pre-launch.

Projects in Australia

Consumer Affairs Victoria

AccessibilityOz carried out a scoped WCAG Level AA accessibility audit on Consumer Affairs Victoria’s (CAV) corporate website. During the scoping phase AccessibilityOz worked with CAV to identify key pages, functionality and features of the website and a random representative subset of content pages. Approximately 1,500 pages were reviewed using manual inspection, semi-automated testing tools such as the Web Developer Toolbar and WAVE and our unique automated testing tool OzART (AccessibilityOz Automated Reporting Tool). AccessibilityOz conducted a visual design review and audit of the site on desktop, mobile and tablet, and provided WCAG2 training for CAV’s content authors and developers.

The CAV site has been developed following responsive design principles to aid ease of access by mobile users. The mobile site has been tested following an approach developed by AccessibilityOz for assessing the accessibility of mobile sites – following the WCAG2 principles in conjunction with the draft UK BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines.

Read the client testimonial.

Digital Marketplace

AccessibilityOz conducted a comprehensive WCAG2 accessibility review of the Digital Marketplace, including reviewing three different views (applicant, supplier and buyer). Both automated and manual testing was conducted, and a report with detailed solutions was provided.

In addition, user testing with people with disabilities using assistive technologies was conducted (some with the client present). This identified several issues that were not technically WCAG2 issues but, with rectification, could significantly increase the usability of the site for people with disabilities and decrease the amount of time they spent completing forms on the site.

We completed a re-audit of the Digital Marketplace and are working with the client to resolve existing fixes.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

AccessibilityOz worked with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation to ensure that the gc2018.com website template was accessible; we did a full accessibility audit of the site, after which we ran a walkthrough for their web team to discuss the audit findings included in the audit report and gives them the opportunity to ask questions about the audit results.


AccessibilityOz tested the Australian government’s myGov application and found it to be very complex (the application hosts an inbox system and integrations with many other Australian institutions) but accessible. The application was tested against WCAG2, and myGov developers were provided with a comprehensive report of the defects found by OzART.

NBN Co (Commonwealth of Australia)

AccessibilityOz provided the following services:

  • Accessibility Testing of NBNco’s website, www1.nbnco.com.au
  • Mobile and tablet accessibility testing
  • Accessibility Audit Report
  • Walkthrough to present the results in the Report

NSW Electoral Commission

AccessibilityOz carried out a scoped accessibility review of the template, technical and general content of the NSW Electoral Commission public registration and iVote websites against the WCAG2 guidelines Level AA.   A significant number of high impact issues were identified with the registration site surrounding the navigation, inaccessible implementation of form components, issues with keyboard use and clear layout and presentation of information which would make it extremely difficult for users with a disability to access and successfully register to use the online voting site.

The iVote site was also reviewed for mobile accessibility across a wide range of mobile phone and tablet devices, platform and browser combinations. AccessibilityOz has a unique methodology and approach to testing mobile sites and applications evaluating against criteria taken from both WCAG2 and the BBC Mobile accessibility guidelines. Key issues were raised with the mobile site use, presentation and equivalence with the desktop version including the use of non-standard features and difficulty to select actionable items.


AccessibilityOz tested the Telstra Smart Home mobile app, complete with installation. The Telstra Smart Home mobile app interacted with a variety of Internet of Things products, such as a video camera, lightbulb, internet cable and doorbell. AccessibilityOz tested the mobile app against our own Mobile Accessibility Guidelines and conducted testing with VoiceOver and Talkback.


AccessibilityOz provided helpdesk hours to assist Woolworths with an issue a user was having with completing a grocery shop using a screen reader. A number of AccessibilityOz’s staff engaged with the Woolworths website to determine difficulties and errors encountered by screen readers, and all errors were tested against WCAG2.

Gian has conducted several seminars with Woolworths staff and developers, including training in Accessibility Basics, Mobile accessibility and Design and accessibility.

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