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Testimonials from project clients

United States

Disability Rights Texas

After carefully reviewing several proposals from different companies to develop a new accessible and mobile responsive website for our organization, we selected AccessibilityOz to take on the task because of their unparalleled expertise and reasonable pricing structure. As a disability rights agency, website accessibility was our number one priority. AO exceeded our expectations, both in the process and final product. Sheryl managed the project with skill and grace, keeping things moving along on schedule and regularly communicating on status. Matt was amazing to work with – his command of WordPress and plug-in options is impressive, and he was responsive and solution-oriented throughout the development phase, in the days after going live, and even now as we utilize him for help desk hours and adding additional functionality. Sam helped in the content transfer – no small task – and did a tremendous job understanding my direction on where and how we wanted items on the new site.

All in all, we are very pleased with our new website and still enjoy excellent customer service from AccessibilityOz.

Edie Surtees – Communications Director

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Consumer Affairs Victoria

We engaged AccessibilityOz to provide a Level AA accessibility audit of the Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) mobile website. We were glad we did. More than one in four of our website visits is via a mobile device, so we knew it was essential we make it work accessibly for all users.

Once we received the report, we were impressed with its detail and user-friendliness. AccessibilityOz created the report’s content in a way that developers, communications staff and ‘non-web people’ alike can understand and action.

We also appreciated AccessibilityOz’s willingness to utilise other material, such as the groundbreaking BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines, to go beyond simply auditing against and explaining the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Gian, Alison, and the rest of AccessibilityOz team are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge, experience and techniques –- not to mention their passion for web accessibility –- stand them as the best in the field. If you’re serious about making your website, app or documents accessible to everyone, AccessibilityOz is your go to agency.

Daniel Craddock A/Senior Advisor Digital Strategy and Engagement, Department of Justice

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The University of Sydney

In 2017, AccessibilityOz was hired to provide several days of WCAG 2.0 training for content authors and web developers. The training was engaging and informative, and our staff responded very enthusiastically. The training team’s knowledge of WCAG requirements was encyclopaedic, and the training used real-world examples and hands-on exercises to keep attendees on track. The provision of additional resources and tools, such as the OzWiki (library of digital accessibility resources), has been of ongoing value.

Managing digital accessibility in a large university is complex undertaking, which is why, in 2017, ICT also began using AccessibilityOz’s OzART to monitor and report on the accessibility of both public-facing and internal websites. OzART is a fantastic tool for identifying accessibility issues online and simplifies more effective collaboration with web teams. AccessibilityOz’s impressive array of services assists organisations in achieving their digital accessibility inclusion goals.

Jason Markou – Digital Accessibility Lead

Testimonials from trainees

Web developer WCAG2 training

As Technical Lead for a company that prides itself on producing accessible, easy-to-use and high-quality websites, I jumped at the opportunity to have Gian teach our staff the finer points of meeting WCAG guidelines. Initially, I wasn’t sure how much the team would get out of the training because as a general rule we make a point of being versed in the requirements of accessibility, even though up until now there has never been any real specific requirement (or request) to do so. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Gian’s training was first-rate, easy to understand and very informative and pertinent. She uses specific code examples to keep the information relevant to practical development, rather than talk about things at a high-level and lose the engagement of the developers involved. As an experienced developer of 12 years who makes a point of focussing on accessibility and usability, even I managed to learn a lot, a testament to Gian’s knowledge of the subject and the fact that you really do never stop learning.

I would strongly recommend all developers, experienced or not, partake in the training Gian provides, because not only will it help to formalise and structure the information that they already know, it will help them to build better quality websites and they’ll probably also find (as I did) that they don’t really know as much as they think they do.

Christian Brenner Technical Lead, NOW media

I would like to thank you for running Accessibility Week. Before I attended, I was wondering if accessibility was just a bunch of hoo haa – a chance for organisations to make more money? I believed that it created a lot of work with little returns.

But as I sat and listened, I realised that I was sadly mistaken. I came to realise the importance of accessibility. Additionally, I also found out that the work that needed to be done wasn’t massive. Just small simple steps taken in creating the document would greatly improve the accessibility and usability of the documents.

Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to understand the importance of accessibility.

Dave Chia Owlnet Coordinator (Web Services Section) – Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy