Client and trainee testimonials

AccessibilityOz is one of the most experienced accessibility specialists in Australia and the United States.

We seek feedback from our clients and training participants to continually improve our services.

Testimonials from project clients

Consumer Affairs Victoria

We engaged AccessibilityOz to provide a Level AA accessibility audit of the Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) mobile website. We were glad we did. More than one in four of our website visits is via a mobile device, so we knew it was essential we make it work accessibly for all users.

Once we received the report, we were impressed with its detail and user-friendliness. AccessibilityOz created the report’s content in a way that developers, communications staff and ‘non-web people’ alike can understand and action.

We also appreciated AccessibilityOz’s willingness to utilise other material, such as the groundbreaking BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines, to go beyond simply auditing against and explaining the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Gian, Alison, and the rest of AccessibilityOz team are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge, experience and techniques –- not to mention their passion for web accessibility –- stand them as the best in the field. If you’re serious about making your website, app or documents accessible to everyone, AccessibilityOz is your go to agency.

Daniel Craddock – A/Senior Advisor Digital Strategy and Engagement, Department of Justice

Energy Rating

When it comes to web accessibility, Gian and the AccessibilityOz team really know their stuff!

In May 2014, the Department of Industry engaged AccessibilityOz to complete a comprehensive accessibility review and design update of the Energy Rating site against the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG2) Level AA. Gian’s in-depth understanding of web accessibility requirements made this a relatively straightforward task, despite the site’s unwieldy content. She developed a strategy for ongoing management and compliance of the site, and provided training that would allow our staff to undertake this work ourselves. Thanks in large part to Gian’s professionalism and energy the project was delivered in a short timeframe and on budget.

We would be pleased to work with AccessibilityOz again, should the opportunity present.

Niki Jackson – Project Manager, Department of Industry, Canberra

Seek Learning

We commissioned Accessibility Oz to do an audit on our mobile site assessed against Level AA compliance in August 2014. The findings were clear and prioritised in terms of accessibility requirement, impact and implementation.

Gian and Alison clearly knew their stuff on mobile accessibility and was able to walk us through the legislative framework, best practice, common challenges, as well as the specific issues facing our site and also talk developers through how they may fix accessibility issues caused by code.

Their testing but more importantly clear reporting and walkthroughs have enabled us to create a clearly prioritised stream of development and content changes to reach AA standard, and also implement guidelines for content and development to ensure ongoing compliance.

Caitlin Blackwell, Product Manager, SEEK Learning

Live In Victoria – website audit

Thanks for going through the Live In Victoria technical audit today. It was useful to have both developers, content editors and accessibility experts all in one room to go through this together.

As discussed, I have found your approach to separating out content versus technical issues into separate documents a very useful process. In all accessibility projects that I have been involved in, there are always some issues that we, as content managers/editors, can fix ourselves via the CMS and others that need referral to a developer for implementation. Typically these fall into the ‘content’ or ‘technical’ basket.

Luella Paine (Web Content Consultant)

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

And the winner is…..

But no, we need to start from the beginning.

After struggling for over a decade with a clunky, inaccessible website the ADCQ in 2013 dedicated the funds required to build a new website.  Our aims were fairly straightforward – we wanted a tool to extend our reach to the community using digital technology and we wanted to reach as many people as possible.  Naturally given that we are the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland we had an overarching ambition to make sure our website was as accessible as we could make it.  We also had a very tight budget so we needed to invest wisely.

We understood from the outset that making websites accessible is a complicated exercise and well-meaning amateurs such as ourselves would struggle to make the correct decisions without access to expert advice.  We needed guidance and an independent voice in the “devil’s advocate” role.

Luckily, during our initial exploration phase we attended a website accessibility forum where Gian Wild from Accessibility Oz spoke, with her usual passion, about how important it was to design websites from the outset with accessibility in mind.  Our enquiries about Accessibility Oz convinced us that they were well regarded and we engaged them to provide advice on making our website as accessible as possible within our budget and also to audit our site so we could gauge how well we had done.

Throughout the next year we developed great relationship with all the staff who worked with us from Accessibility Oz.  They were honest and straightforward in their suggestions but also capable of seeing our perspectives on how far we needed to go – robust discussions always led to good solutions and a degree of compromise.

Gian and her staff were particularly good at helping us navigate the minefield that is the best use of PDF documents, provision of accessible video and accessible form design.  Without their help we would have made many mistakes and not achieved our objectives with the website.

So, how did we go?

And the winner is….

ADCQ won the AWIA Queensland State Award for best Government website!

Warren Edwards – Manager, Corporate Services, Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.

DiVine – website audit

I have worked with AccessibilityOz on numerous projects in the Victorian Government, most notably, the development of the DiVine website. I have never failed to be impressed with Gian’s professionalism, passion, and expertise in web accessibility. She provides easy to understand web accessibility audits that include real solutions, as well as robust seminars and help desk support. AccessibilityOz shows a true commitment in helping to teach others about the guidelines and best practices in web accessibility while supporting the organisational needs. The knowledge gained from AccessibilityOz would be a real asset to any organisation.

Sheryl Dwyer – Web Accessibility Adviser, Victorian Government.

Volunteering Portal – accessibility during a web site build

AccessibilityOz provided outstanding accessibility consultancy services throughout the project life cycle for Victoria’s Volunteering Portal. This project involved several vendors combining for a range of inputs into the project, and AccessibilityOz worked collaboratively with the designers, developers, the creative agency and project staff to ensure that accessibility issues were resolved during the project phase, leaving a minimum of effort required after the portal was released.

Gian (the senior consultant) not only identified where accessibility gaps were, but provided expert and creative solutions and advice to ensure accessibility compliance with minimal time and cost impact on the project. She also mentored staff members throughout the project via seminars, training, and proactive communication. Gian was always extremely professional, courteous, responsive and diligent, and the overall quality of the services she provided was exceptional.

Beau Zlatkovic – Web Project Manager, Community Programs

Perth Water Corporation – Website audit

Water Corporation is committed to providing a quality digital service to our customers, and so we engaged Accessibility Oz to conduct an audit of our main website against the level AA requirements of WCAG 2.0.

The result was a detailed suite of reports with clear priorities. The separation of issues into content, technical and template levels has greatly helped in our approach to addressing the issues and the walkthrough gave a great opportunity to get everyone together and ask questions as we ran through the results.

The Accessibility Oz team are great to work with and provided a fast, professional service. Armed with their reports and access to OzWiki we have been able to confidently progress with an organised plan.

Marlo Rae, Senior Editor, Water Corporation

Testimonials from trainees

Web developer WCAG2 training

As Technical Lead for a company that prides itself on producing accessible, easy-to-use and high-quality websites, I jumped at the opportunity to have Gian teach our staff the finer points of meeting WCAG guidelines. Initially, I wasn’t sure how much the team would get out of the training because as a general rule we make a point of being versed in the requirements of accessibility, even though up until now there has never been any real specific requirement (or request) to do so. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Gian’s training was first-rate, easy to understand and very informative and pertinent. She uses specific code examples to keep the information relevant to practical development, rather than talk about things at a high-level and lose the engagement of the developers involved. As an experienced developer of 12 years who makes a point of focussing on accessibility and usability, even I managed to learn a lot, a testament to Gian’s knowledge of the subject and the fact that you really do never stop learning.

I would strongly recommend all developers, experienced or not, partake in the training Gian provides, because not only will it help to formalise and structure the information that they already know, it will help them to build better quality websites and they’ll probably also find (as I did) that they don’t really know as much as they think they do.

Christian Brenner – Technical Lead, NOW media

I would like to thank you for running Accessibility Week. Before I attended, I was wondering if accessibility was just a bunch of hoo haa – a chance for organisations to make more money? I believed that it created a lot of work with little returns.

But as I sat and listened, I realised that I was sadly mistaken. I came to realise the importance of accessibility. Additionally, I also found out that the work that needed to be done wasn’t massive. Just small simple steps taken in creating the document would greatly improve the accessibility and usability of the documents.

Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to understand the importance of accessibility.

Dave Chia – Owlnet Coordinator (Web Services Section) – Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Tagging PDFs for Accessibility training 2013

This is a great training course and very useful for someone that has no idea about accessibility.

Gian is brilliant. I want to drag her back to my workplace and show everyone!