Pro bono accessibility testing for bushfire resources

The bushfires ravaging our country have destroyed millions of acres of land, displaced thousands of people and killed hundreds of thousands of animals. Smoke has invaded our cities and suburbs, making breathing difficult and forcing most of us to remain indoors.


Though we are proud to have made a foothold in accessibility markets around the globe, AccessibilityOz was founded as an Australian company, and many of our staff live and work here. Our thoughts are with all of our fellow Australians who have been affected by this terrible disaster.

Pro bono accessibility work for emergency resources

As we have in previous wide-scale disasters, AccessibilityOz is offering free accessibility advice, consultation and auditing to those publishing emergency information about the bushfires, whether that be images, articles, or other media. For video content, we’re offering free use of our OzPlayer accessible video player. If you or anyone you know could benefit from our assistance or services, please fill out our Accessibility Audit Request form, and mention in the comment box that the request is regarding the fires.

If you are in a position to donate, every dollar counts.

Koala asleep in a tree.

The World Wildlife Fund is gathering donations to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of our struggling wildlife. One billion animals have died since the fires began, and WWF is working to provide emergency medical care, reestablish habitats and protect the environments that are still standing.

Donate to the WWF

Silhouette of two firefighers

The Red Cross is providing shelter and resources to the thousands of Australians whose homes have been destroyed by the bushfires. Red Cross volunteers are running evacuation centers and working to reunite separated families. The organisation is educating communities on how to prepare, and providing long-term recovery programs for areas affected.

Donate to the Australian Red Cross


Stay safe.

The AccessibilityOz Team

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