Australian Web Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that two of our clients, the City of Melbourne and Disability Rights Washington, were finalists in the 2016 Australian Web Awards!

City of Melbourne were shortlisted in the Government and Content categories for their revamped website. They did the development in-house, with AccessibilityOz providing training, testing, and consulting services around accessibility. They did a great job, which is even more impressive when you know they did it with

Disability Rights Washington‘s Rooted in Rights site was shortlisted in the Not For Profit and Excellence in Accessibility categories, and it was a winner in Accessibility. Disability Rights Washington contracted with AccessibilityOz to do the design and implementation of the site and we’re particularly proud of the work we’ve done with them. Receiving this recognition is lovely.

Speaking of lovely…

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  1. Thank you Accessibility Oz, we loved (love) working with you!

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