Happy birthday to us!

Sculpture of a gun with the barrel twisted in a knot
The sculpture at the entrance to the United Nations, New York

Today we turned four years old! Seeing as almost half of small businesses fail by four years, I think we’re doing pretty well! Or averagely!

It’s been a busy four years. We now have four products as well as a huge range of services and online training. My speaking career has exploded, having spoken at six conferences in the US in the last six months and nine conferences in Australia. When I was in the US just last month I also was asked to present to the National Science Foundation and the United Nations! I have made my presentation on web accessibility to the UN publicly available via Prezentt, or you are welcome to download the accessible PowerPoint presentation (warning: 28 MB!) or look at the (untagged) PDF version (11 MB).

All my presentations are available from the Conferences page.

I also published six articles in 2014. By far the most popular was the Making accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules for Developers on Sitepoint. And this year I have already published an article on creating accessible slideshows called The Unbearable Inaccessibility of Slideshows.

Have a look at our accessible video player, OzPlayer. You can purchase a commercial license online, or download the product for free if you are a not-for-profit with an annual revenue under $1 million.

We also released OzWiki last year. This lists over 600 accessibility errors with their solutions; have a look at some examples. OzWiki can be purchased on a monthly or annual subscription.

And we are very proud to say worked with Anti-Discrimination Queensland to make their site Level AAA accessible and it won the Australian Web Award for Queensland Government last year!

By Gian Wild