Web Xchange – Canberra (February)

The Web XChange is an informal gathering of like-minded individuals who share an interest in web related technologies. This event brings together the web community with interesting speakers presenting on a diverse range of web-related topics.

Venue: National Press Club of Australia, National Circuit, Barton
Time: Complimentary Breakfast served from 08:00am onwards
Date: Tuesday, 10 February, 2014
Presentations: 8:30am until 9:30am
RSVP: jessica.versegi@opc.com.au or 02 6162 8309

Mobile and Accessibility

Gian Wild: Director, AccessibilityOz

A large number of people now use mobile and tablet devices to access the internet. This has engendered a number of responsive design sites, that change according to screen size. However other
organisations have developed pure mobile sites for use on only mobiles and tablets. Gian Wild looks into the specific accessibility requirements for responsive sites and pure mobile sites. She demonstrates common mobile accessibility problems and delves into the recently released BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines.

Secrets to advertising excellence- Stop wasting money and start profiting from online

Aaron Jansen: Internet Marketing Consultant, ReachLocal

Aaron believes that business owners should know exactly which forms of media are working for them. Aaron has been helping business owners attract cost-effective leads from internet advertising. Specialising in proven, cost-effective Local Search Engine Advertising & Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that deliver measurable results. ReachLocal’s technology helps ensure that your ad budget is focused on the keywords in your campaign that are actually CONVERTING to phone calls and email enquiries, online bookings or ecommerce sales from your website.

Web accessible documents: using an automated content uploader

Bobby Graham and Dr Jason Guo: Digital Publishing Consultant, Bobby Graham Publishers and Systems Architect and Web Developer, XiNG Digital

Bobby and Jason have been working together in the digital publishing industry for a decade. They make web and mobile content readable, findable and accessible. With the drive to have all content WCAG2.0 compliant, Jason has developed an automated digital document uploader. This enables organisations to publish large numbers of web pages that comply with the web accessibility guidelines – and deliver digital content that is useful and engaging for all users.