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Presenting AccessibilityOz, Inc. in the United States Market

AccessibilityOz is the largest accessibility consultancy based in Australia, with recent expansion into North America.  Our company has served as a contractor, providing a variety of accessible products and services to municipalities, companies, universities, and organizations around the world.  We have served clients in the United States since July of 2015, with offices located in

Which is the most accessible video player? Watch Gian’s free webinar to find out!

Edit: Due to technical difficulties, the webinar was rescheduled from Monday, October 30th to Friday, November 3rd at 3:00pm EST. Hope to see you there! From Brightcove to Kaltura, YouTube to Facebook, the internet has no shortage of video players and platforms. What it does have a shortage of, however, is video players that are accessible. CEO Gian

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Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to understand the importance of accessibility.

Our accessibility training and seminars are designed to suit you
— web content authors, web developers and web managers.

Take the complexity out of WCAG2. Practical hands-on exercises. In-depth training manuals.

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OzART Reporting Tool that helps you find and correct accessibility problems on your website.


OzWiki, online delivery of error information, WCAG Success Criteria, error examples and detailed solutions.


The world’s first fully accessible web video player.

About us

AccessibilityOz is an accessibility consultancy based in Australia and the United States. Gian Wild, the founder and Director, has worked on the accessibility of various web sites since 1998 and spent six years with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group contributing to WCAG2. AccessibilityOz offers a range of accessibility services and products to organisations and Government departments around the world. We have completed hundreds of audits and run training sessions and seminars over the last ten years for clients including United Nations, National Science Foundation, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Bureau of Meteorology and McDonalds.

Our clients

Queensland Department of Education and Training
Elections NSW
WA Water Corporation
University of Technology Sydney
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
City of Melbourne
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