The first completely accessible video player

Free for not-for-profit use!

Video is great. It keeps visitors around for longer and keeps them coming back. It’s also usually inaccessible. OzPlayer solves this problem and also plays back video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo Pro, your website, your CDN, or anything else that will provide a standard MP4 or WebM video. It uses modern web standards like HTML5 audio and video, with a Flash fallback for older browsers and to provide codec compatibility. OzPlayer is fully compliant with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0, Level AA. It has no keyboard traps, supports captions and audio descriptions, and has a unique system for providing a moving transcript.

See the Getting Started Guide and download information for OzPlayer for information.


  • Play video from YouTube, Vimeo Pro, or your own web server or content delivery network
  • Uses modern HTML5 video and audio
  • Flash fallback for older browsers
  • Responsive: resizes to fit the content area
  • Mobile-ready
  • WordPress plugin available, other CMS plugins can be written on request
  • Free for not-for-profit organisations!
  • Synchronised audio descriptions as a separate audio track
  • Captions
  • Interactive transcript with a text fallback – moves along in-sync with the video
  • Fully keyboard accessible, no keyboard traps
  • Can be skinned in seven different colours (from the logo colours)

Browsers and Devices

OzPlayer supports all modern desktop and mobile browsers using HTML5 video and audio wherever possible, with fallback to a Flash-based player for older browsers.

View the support matrix


Using OzPlayer is as simple as can be. Include the HTML5 VIDEO and AUDIO elements on your page, include the OzPlayer JavaScript library, and find somewhere to host your video files.

Transcripts, captions and audio descriptions

We can develop transcripts, captions and audio descriptions for your video – even if you aren’t using OzPlayer. We charge $25 (Australian dollars) per minute per feature. If you have a three minute video that requires all three features (transcripts, captions and audio descriptions), that will be $225. We charge GST for Australian customers. We take credit cards.

Contact us to make your video accessible

Test your video

We can also test your video, transcript, captions and audio descriptions and give you a list of any accessibility errors that exist. We charge $100 per ten minutes of video. We charge GST for Australian customers. We take credit cards.

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